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Your Best Choice
For Legal Services

Your Best Choice for Legal Services


With our office located in Faribault, Minnesota, Gary L. Voegele, P.A. is your go-to, general practice law firm when you need legal counsel.


We are a full service general law firm. Our office is experienced in a wide range of legal Practice Areas that affect our clients’ personal lives, relationships, businesses, and activities. We at Gary L. Voegele, P.A. are committed to providing effective and efficient legal representation in an ethically and responsive manner. We have done so since 1980.


We are not a “boutique” or limited practice law firm. Our legal services are diverse and versatile to assist our many clients. We are regarded in the community as being able to provide experienced legal help with comprehensive approaches and complete solutions for your legal matters.


Rarely do legal problems or issues affect an individual in an isolated manner. Outcomes in legal situations can and do have critical long-lasting effects. It is our experience that the best legal solutions for our clients and their lives, relationships, property, and business matters are full and complete ones. At Gary L. Voegele, P.A. it is our goal to help our clients obtain appropriate outcomes of the highest quality in all their legal matters and to do so at a reasonable price.


Should you find yourself in a legal situation we invite you to Contact Us at our Faribault office. Our attorney possess the legal experience to assist you with your needs and to advise and advocate on your behalf.

Best Attorneys in Minnesota | Gay Voegele named on of the best attorneys in MN each year from 2006-2014

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